Coal Stocks Drop & Nat Gas: The American Fuel Alternative?

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agree with. let's move to today's buzz kill. shares of stock taking a hammer today. patriot, oxford resource. thooss are huge declines. the thinking is with the decline of natural gas, it'll take away the demand for keel. it hurts the coal guys who have only been under pressure. punctuated by china news. this is no surprise. coal prices have been under a lot of pressure. said it on the show last week. so the demand side of the whole picture i think is changing. one more name that's up. for everyone that felt like this was a stimulus inspired rally, it really hasn't been and there's a lot of names despite the fact that our indices look okay have been torched over the last month and the material sector is that. and you mention owens. talked about the headwinds in the steel stock. they reported a terrible fourth quarter i think on the but if you're looking for something to trade against. we traded down to 31 and a dime today. if nothing else, we talk about levels to trade against. that provides you one today. this stock it looks as though if we break through 30.5 this has a 35 handle on it. as these companies come and cut their production forecasts, do you think that things can get better? yeah. but you want to stick with the bigger names like a btu. so a lot of these smaller names could be financially challenged in this. last week i tried to short the coal in the coal etf and e couldn't get a borrow because nobody would create the shares to lend to me. they were afraid of some of the underlyings in the etf. i don't think you can go out and buy it. if you're going to believe that type of story. do you know which particular stocks are the red flags. the ones that popped in my name wisconsin jrcc. i believe that got downgraded. nobody had said to me. this is the flipside of a natural gas story. be more liquid. it's easier to do. to expect the same trade you want to do. somewhat. yes. actually, on the natural gas side looking more like suburban propane. that way you get the residential conversion. let's move to our next trade. the question we have today is is it the calm before the storm? today president obama met with benjamin netanyahu. there's a lot of trader chatter out there sort of saying we're setting up right now if there isn't a the supply disruption. it's priced in at this point. of course we are. and if you look at the spec long, we're seeing lels we haven't seen in 18 months. everything else we said on the show is people concerned about the source of demand. we've seen this in the d.o.e. numbers. there's been major destruction in the u.s. so i think that your oil short plays and if you look, you've seen the oil producers in other parts of the world already roll. look at the chinese producers and the names in brazil. the only names in the em world are -- you went into an election over the weekend. i would be opportunistic there. and i think you could see some to follow. along the same lines. we talk about susoro and flagged the 52-week high made late october. again, we talked about maybe taking a short off the back of that. now you see it down today. that may be a name you want to lean into. maybe all the froth is now out of the name. again, you're always looking for trading opportunities. i think we flagged it last week. it appears to be working now. scott nations, what are you seeing in the oil trade? we certainly see some integrated options getting bought. play volatility in these names is cheap. if you want to play this, the way to do it and find your risk is to buy options. for oil in general it was interesting today was a bit higher. while so many other commodities just got crushed. whether it was copper or gas. i think that shows there is concern. supply disruptions are a problem for our economy. if oil is higher because of demand, that's a completely different story. great point. real quick. there's a merrill lynch refining conference tomorrow that might see interesting things come out. keep your eye on that. next trade here. gm will introduce natural gas pickup trucks. the average price of cng is under 2 bucks. it is a solution to gasoline and could fuel the u.s. economy enough to try cng powered vehicles himself. steve mueller, the ceo of southwestern energy which produces 4% of the gas in the united states. pleasure to have you with us. it's great to be here. how many stations are there right now and what do you see as the potential there for opening more stations? well, we are part of three stations in arkansas. and there are 950 stations. only 400 are open to the public. only 400 are open to the public. i'm curious because as gm, most of these are going to be fleet vehicles. they have predictable routes. they know where they're going to be and they're able to fuel. what's it take to get a vehicle maker or get the consumer -- i mean, it's like the chicken or the egg. if there's demand there, people will buy the cars. but if they won't, the filling stations are there. what will it take? i think it's going to be a combination of several things. we're taking a leap that we're giving away cars to some employees so they can determine how it works. the other part, we've done a study and for about $18 billion which is not that huge of a number, you can put enough cng stations in the united states to touch over 70% of the population. there's ways around the problem. it's going to take a bit of time. on the other hand, it's a great fuel. and a great potential for our country. is there any government plans or subsidies that would help make it more viable, economically to have a critical mass of stations put in place? well, certainly there's already eight states. texas has the texas triangle. there's 33 other states this year will have some kind of legislation. it's starting to kick on at the state level. there were incentives at the federal level. those are going for renewal right now. we could see more at the federal level as well. sir, forgive me for this question. is it even viable for existing automobiles to be converted over to cng? or is that out of the rem of possibility? it takes a certain kind of engine. the epa has to certify the engine. as long as it's certified, it's viable. that's what we're doing now. we've converted over 150 pickups in the field. what we gave away was vehicles that were converted. what you do is convert the vehicle. it's putting in a tank, a regulator, and changing out the injector. it's simple to do. who's behind gm on this? gm actually, give them credit despite they've gotten criticism for the volt. cng is another thing they're bringing to the table. who is behind them and could we see more people jumping in? certainly gm's doing it at factory level. i think you'll see chrysler do it. honda has a cng vehicle they've had on the market for a year now. and there's several different engines and models that you can convert yourself or have converted also. there's 12 to 15 models in the united states. if you look at other places in the world, europe and the far east, there are hundreds of models. it's a matter of bringing the technology into our country and starting that buildup. just like with electric cars. it's brian kelly. we had a stat up that said cng costst about $2.11 a gallon while regular gas is going for $3.70, we'll call it. how is the mileage for that? is it one for one? no difference at all on the mileage. as a matter of fact, the engine -- because the fuel is cleaner, the engine actually lasts longer and the horse power is exactly the same. so you're getting the full benefit of that $1.50 or in the case of arkansas, there's over $2 difference. $2 difference. i'm wondering how long you think natural gas will stay at that low considering that you are intensely working on the brown dense which is your first oil well in arkansas. had disappointing production results recently. you're saying the two other wells will produce more than that. that should be good. but it seems like you're hedging your bets so to speak with oil. well, i wouldn't say our results are disappointing. we'll just see how that plays out in arkansas. but when you think about natural gas, it's good for the economy. it's good for the country to have it at a low price. certainly i think where it's at today it's probably too low for the industry. we'll be in that range. we could have the best of both worlds both for us as a producer and for the economy. we're looking forward to that. until the levels reach in the next year and a half, will they help offset the feeling because of low gas prices? certainly the oil price is a lot higher on an engine equivalent than gas. any time you have an oil project, you go after that. got to leave it there. thanks for joining us. hope to see you again soon. steve mueller, the ceo and president of southwestern energy. in terms of the stock, in my opinion valuation to me is rich here. 18 times-ish forward earnings. you can own marathon at eight times forward earnings with 2% dividend. i love the story. if you want to play, i would rather own. they are cheap. i mean, these guys have been trading 26, 27. if you get the fall through from cng or the wells they're drilling that they claim are still exciting, this is a stock really on the technical basis. this is where you have to watch the levels on a lot of these names. broader sentiment want to trade them down. can you invest in the cng story today. you can but navistar is the way to do it. they have to convert trucks into natural gas burning engines. and also clean energy. that's another way to play it. we're going to take a break. up next, two big movers in the after-hours session. and we're looking at apple's big event on wednesday. more fast money straight ahead.

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