Santelli: More 'Canaries in this Coal Mine'

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Source: CNBC
Added: 02-17-2012
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i'll tell you what i find fascinating. today if you look at 315 yield on a 30-year bond, unchanged, virtually, you're hover agent the hi -- look at a 10-year, in about one month. this comes on the second day of a two-day fed meeting as carl just pointed out. where the last operation, operation twist, buying the long end, selling the short end, of course, is meant to keep rates on the long end down. working out not exactly as planned. and really does underscore that we can all watch the fed and we can all pretend that what they're doing is the only reason interest rates move. however, i think if you cut out what's going on in europe or solar sun spots, you're probably missing part of the picture. europe is a big deal. and today hungary and portugal are squeezing in to take headlines away from greece that they're also in a bit of a problem. and if you had to count the number of canaries in this coal mine, it's starting to grow a bit. back to you.

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