Describe Features of Wood Pellet Making Machine

Published: Jan 31,2015 12:14:02


 Wood pellet making machine is suitable for home use or small enterprises which produce biomass pellet fuel or feed pellet. Wood pellet mill can be configured to diesel power or electricity power. The professional ring die wood pellet mill can be used to produce animal feed, and ring die wood pellet mill can be used to produce pellet fuel which are suitable for large enterprises with large scale production and high energy efficiency. It can also be applied to make all kinds animal feed fertilizer and compound fertilizer and low temperature pelleting. Wood pellet machine with strong technical force, sound management system, and first-class sense of quality, it is possible for Fote wood pellet making machine to achieve maximum reducing of maintenance ratio during your machine operation.

Wood Pellet Mill

Feature of Wood Pellet Making Machine

1. Roller autoregulation function: the principle of bi-directional rotation of the thrust bearing to adjust the pressure angle automatically, so that the materials are not crowded groups to block the machine, to ensure that the material pelleting with stableness.

2. Materials adaptable: the machine adapt to various kinds of biomass materials. The size of straw particle can be from powder to 50mm length. And the moisture content is between 5% to 30%, Under this condition, the materials can be make pellets.

3. Simple operation and easy to use: high automation degree, less labor force. Only three people are needed in the process. It adopts the artificial feeding or automatic conveyor.

4. The pellet press is driven by heavy-duty gearbox, which can produce continuously in poor condition.

5. The important wearing parts are of high performance, long service time and low maintenance cost.

6. The machine is widely used in pelletizing for wood, straw and rice hull and other biomass plants.

7. The key components are made of alloy steel which has strong and malleable texture.

8. Flat die are produced by international advanced equipment and has long lifespan.

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