Consideration about Coal Ash Briquette Machine

Published: Jan 31,2015 12:13:49


 Coal ash briquette machine, also known as pulverized coal briquetting machine and coke powder briquetting machine, is applied to press powder materials which are hard to form balls. Its features are forming hardness, adjustable mainframe revolution and auxiliary spiral feeding machine. The pressed materials can save energy and protect the environment and is convenient for transportation, which improves the utilization rate of the waste materials and has excellent economical and social benefits. Host is powered by the electromagnetic speed regulating motor, approved by the belt pulley, cylindrical gear reducer, rod pin coupling to drive shaft. Driving shaft and driven shaft through the open gear ensure synchronous operation. Behind passive bearing seat is equipped with hydraulic device.

Coal Ash Briquetting Machine

Coal ash briquette machine of Fote Machinery must have a more balanced base, pay attention to the correct level, cushion flat clearance, matching device with conveyor also correspond to conveyor height, level, etc, after the installation, check whether the parts is strictly connected firmly, check whether there is sundry on the machine, to add lubricating oil of reducer and gear box, determining the parts correctly before commissioning. Test-run the machine check whether inversion, after the right direction idle running 30 minutes check whether there are abnormal noise or fever, identify problems solved, after everything is ok, coal briquette machine can be formal production.

Moisture content have a great influence on the balling pressure and demould, must grasp well, it is forbidden to heavy vehicle start. In the initial stage after the machine normal production must be someone monitoring well, to prevent parts bolt looseness, immediately find status while machine be shut down, lubricating oil of reducer and gear box, after thirty days beginning to use to change the new gear oil.

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