Maintenance and Lubrication of Wood Shavings Pellet Mill

Published: Jan 31,2015 12:10:49


 Wood shavings pellet mill absorbs the quintessence at home and abroad, the wood pellet machine heart part adopts 'double-layer die' as the unique structure; the wood pellet machine rollers are made by , abrasion-proof alloy steel , improving the using life of spare parts greatly. Pellet making machine of Henan Fote Heavy Machiner Co., Ltd. has the advantages of special design, rational structure, low power consumption, high efficiency, sturdy and durable.

Wood Shavings Pellet Mill

Maintenance and Lubrication of Wood Shavings Pellet Mill:

The new purchased wood shavings pellet mill should not be fed into too many raw materials. The output of new pellet press is a little lower than the rated output, and it will reach to the rated output after the run-in period. The wood pellet mill has high labor intensity and load, which makes the continuous tracking monitoring necessary during the whole process of pellets production. The electricity, voltage, dust, pellet status, oil injection quantity should be checked continuously, which are helpful to process failure in time and change the easy-wear parts quickly to ensure the continuity of productive process.

The press roller plays an essential role in pressing the materials into the die hole and pushing the back materials forward, thus achieving the purpose of molding. When the pellet making machine is in operation, the operating temperature of the roller is extremely high. Then it is high time to supply oil timely and reasonably to ensure the lubrication between the parts of pellet mill. Besides, efficient heat dissipation can lengthen the working life of press roller, consequently, ensuring the stability of wood shavings pellet mill capacity.

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