Ensure the Normal Function of Mineral Powder Briquetting Machine

Published: Jan 31,2015 12:09:55


 Mineral powder briquette machine is suitable for industrial gas making,boiler coal briquette,cold pressing, coal briquette for civillan use, civil metallurgy, medicine, civil refractory material. It is mainly used for coal egg production, all kinds of powder metallurgy cold pressed pellet production. Usually the powdery material, must press the ball is the need briquette machine to complete, such as: coal, coke powder or black non-ferrous metal ore, iron oxides and dust, sludge, refractory material etc. Mineral powder briquette machine ( has many obvious advantages, such as high pelletizing rate, low consumed power, compact structure, easy maintenance and debugging, etc.

Mineral Powder Briquetting Machine

The size and nature of briquette machine priceworking load has important influence in the mechanical loss process. The wear and tear of spare parts along with the increase of load increase proportionally. When the parts under load is higher than average design load, the wear will be increased. In addition, other conditions being the same, wear under the stability of the load is smaller than under dynamic load, less failure, longer service life.

Ensure the normal working load of the briquette machine price mainly depends on the use of operator to the machine. To ensure equipment load uniform increase and decrease as far as possible, equipment in a relatively steep load change, specifically, is relatively evenly add and subtract the accelerator, prevent motor, commissioning device operation of ups and downs. It should pay attention to no commissioning under the maximum load more than the machine can withstand, to use under the condition of machinery. When specify the operation staff, giive the briquette machine random data and operation manual to the operation staff, make him properly grasp the machine performance and operation procedures.

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