Introduce Design System of Briquette Machine

Published: Jan 29,2015 14:59:47


 Briquetting machine is an ideal mechanical equipment designed for processing powdery materials, such as nonferrous metal powder and mineral powders, including iron powder, urea powder, copper ore powder, aluminum powder, manganese powder, fluorite powder, steel powder, nickel alloy powder, etc. into briquettes. Briquette machine is mainly composed of four system:

Briquetting Machine

1. The hydraulic loading system

The hydraulic loading system of briquette press equipment ( is used to provide pressure forced floating roller to close to fixed roller and compaction of the material. To meet the special work need, high and low pressure can be adjusted. The pressure gradient along with the change of spacing increases, by changing the partial pressure of nitrogen in the hydraulic accumulator can adjust the pressure gradient in large scope. When other sharp material pressed into the roller clearance, hydraulic system also can be used as a safety device.

2. The preloading charging system

Preloading charging system can ensure the feeding conditions of pressure ball machine, to ensure uniform stability of the feeding. In addition to used for charging, but also has other function, such as preloading for the material, add the precompression on the material, degassing of material using preloading, so as to increase the material bulk density, can make the roller diameter and load force decrease, so that reduce the size and weight of the briquette machine, and cost reduction.

3. The gear driving system

Synchronous gear transmission system is mainly composed of including two synchronous gear reducer, safety coupling, etc. Safety coupling can automatic reset, it can be adjustment in normal work range of 1.7-1.9 times drive torque. The most important is, the synchronous gear and gear coupling connection guarantee to supply roll completely homogeneous linear velocity.

4. The roll forming system

To roll forming coal briquette machine the most important part is the roller. Due to the high molding pressure, large diameter, so with the method of eight piece of plate assembly, roller core casting of cast steel materials, mouldboard made by the high strength wear resistant material.

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