High Technology Level of Lime Powder Briquette Machine

Published: Jan 29,2015 14:59:36


 Lime powder is one of the 'three wastes' material of calcium carbide production factory, about lime powder processing problem has always been the concern of the calcium carbide industry, so, how to deal with to get comprehensive utilization? Domestic more mature technology is lime powder as as coking focal sphere bonding agent integrated utilization. But its production process covers an large area, high environmental management difficulty, using effect is not ideal, not popularize in the industry. According to today's industrial level, usually in the material with lime powder and forming by dry powder briquette maker, and then reused.

Lime Briquetting Machine

Lime powder briquetting machine is mainly used to press powder materials such as coal powder, iron powder, coking coal, aluminite powder, scrap iron, carbon powder, ore slag, gypsum, tailings, mud, kaolin, activated carbon and coke breeze in the industries of refractory matter, power plant, metallurgy, chemical, energy, transportation and heat supply. Materials processed by the lime briquetting machine are environmental friendly and easy for transportation which increases the usage of the wastes.

In the production process of lime powder briquette machine, powder and debris, and the unqualified briquette coal, the extra material overflow by chute, unqualified briquette coal or sieve out bits of debris, unloading screening of powder collected by the conveyor and sent to the waste bin. The material discharge from here at a certain speed, broken by hammer crusher, after homogenization of recycled materials by conveyor sent to the main material flow, and added into the double spiral mixer. At system startup, not equilibrium, such as the temperature disorder will produce substandard coal briquette. Bar screen remote control can easily be operators 'open' in order to put the unqualified material into the recycling system.

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