Describe Advantages of 2-3T/H Biomass Pellet Plant

Published: Jan 29,2015 14:57:23


 2-3T/H biomass pellet plant is also called 2-3T/H biomass pellet making plant (, which is mainly made up of hammer mill, rotary dryer, mixer, the spiral feeder, biomass pellet machine, cooling machine and bag type dust collector. 2-3T/H biomass pellet plant is applied to the material with low adhesiveness and low shaping such as the rice husk, sunflower seed husk, peanut shell and other fruit shell branch, trunk, bark, crop straws, rubber, cement, ash and other chemical materials. The pellet mill is widely used in the feed plant, wood processing, fuel plant, fertilizer plant and chemical plant etc. It is the ideal pressing shaping equipment with low investment and high profit.

2-3T/H Biomass Pellet Plant

2-3T/H biomass pellet plant has one two layers ring die inside and roller assemble, when works ,roller assemble will move, ring die fixed, in this way will produce large pressure and press good pellets, keep the machine working much more stabley, and the pellet machine with full automatic lubricated spare parts grease systems, which can lubricate spare parts rollers, shaft, bearings and gears automatically.

Advantages of 2-3T/H Biomass Pellet Plant

1. International advanced level compensated serpentine spring coupling, novel and compact structure, safe, low noise and low machinery failure.

2. Adopt international advanced ring die processed by heat treatment vacuum furnace, lengthen useful life and pellet is smooth with high quality.

3. Larger type strengthen feeding conditioner in entire stainless steel with frenquency speed control, ensure the high quality of pellet feed.

4. The complete machine transmission parts include electric motor, ensure high-efficiency, stable and low noise drive.

5. Permanent magent device with high performance. Customize pellet mill with double layers or three layers.

6. Main engine drives with high precision gear, ring die in quick detaching encirling hoop type.

7. Equipped with steam automatic regulatory system to keep refining temperature constant.

8. With full stainless steel door, flume, and pull cutter which is convenient, reliable.

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