Introduce the Knowledge of Ring Die Biomass Wood Pellet Mill

Published: Jan 29,2015 11:22:38


 Nowadays, the wood pellet mill market has many diverse different types, among these wood pellet mills are the flat die and ring die design. The production yield of the ring die biomass wood pellet mill of Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. covers a wide range from 500kg/h to 6 tons per hour but the yield can be designed according to the demands from clients. Besides, production yield is also impacted by the use of different material such as grass, bagasse or another. As a matter of fact, a consistent moisture content and size of material will give the ring die pellet mill a full play. Not only for ring die pellet mill, actually the flat die pellet mill can be done well if we stick to the same principles.

Wood Pellet Mill

The forming rate within ring die biomass wood pellet mill can go up to 98% and the ring die pellet mill wear rate will fall to the bottom. The ring die, also called the mold within a pellet mill, is made of high-quality high-chromium stainless alloy steel froge piece featuring quite strong and durable traits. Going through precision finishing and vacuum gas quenching process, the ring dies we produce will become more wear-resisting, corrosion-proof, impact-against and enjoy a longer service life. We have to mention that the advanced punching technology burnishes the die holes in a higher level.

The ring die biomass wood pellet mill is equipped with 3 phases electric power which can assure you the work of the pellet mill very economical. The small motor driving the conditioner uses a quite lower electric power. Apart from the above, there is another motor to push raw material into ring die pellet mill. Meanwhile,our pellet mills feature overload protection device which makes it work much safer and less broken-down. We would like to recommend our customers using this style mill with variable frequency drive so that the motors’ speed can be adjusted to peak their pellets capacity. What’s more, our ring die pellet mill adopts speed–adjust feeding function to control the feeding capacity correctly and to process various biomass materials and meet pellets production requirements with various diameters.

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