Notice about Repair and Maintenance of Biomass Pellet Mill

Published: Jan 28,2015 11:05:41


 iomass pellet mill can be divided into ring die biomass pellet mill and flat die biomass pellet press machine. It can process the peanut shell, bagasse, castor bean shell, straw, sawdust, rice husk, sunflower seed shell, coffee slag, cotton stalks, and so on. Here is the notice about repair and maintenance of biomass pellet mill:

1. When the ring die for biomass pellet mill isn’t operate for a period of time, remaining feedstock in the holes should be extrude completely with non-corrosive oil feedstock. Otherwise, heat produced by ring die will dry and stiffen the feedstock which remains in the holes. Thus, the following situations come up. When pellet mill is in operation, ring die holes are blocked and can’t compress the feedstock. Some of the ring die holes are blocked and it causes production declines and low efficiency. At the beginning of production, ring die is bearing high compress force with weakening strength that may give rise to the breakage of ring die.

Biomass Pellet Mill

2. If ring die holes stop discharging, ring die should be soaked with oil or boil with oil before making pellet again. If pellet mill still can’t work, the blocked holes should be clear up by electric drill and then oily materials mixed with silver sand should be grind and polish the ring die.

3. After ring die for pellet mill ( is operating for a period of time, it is necessary to check up the interior surface of ring die weather has part of local bulging or not. If it happens, the bulgy part should be worn off by glassing machine to ensure yield of ring die and long service life of compress roller.

4. Ring dies for pellet mill should be kept in dry and clean places. If ring dies are kept in the damp places, holes of ring die are easy to corrode, thereby shortening the service time of ring die or stopping discharging.

5. Service conditions of ring die for pellet mill should be recorded per shaft in order to estimate the exact service time of ring die.

6. Don’t use hard steel tools like hammer to hit the surface of ring die when ring die is assembled or disassembled.

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