Maptek launches upgraded Vulcan mining planning and modelling software

Published: Oct 31,2014 08:11:34


Australia-based mining technology firm Maptek has released the latest version of its mine modelling and planning software Vulcan 9.1, which has some major upgrades.


Vulcan's 9.1 version has added advanced features, including Gantt Scheduler for underground operations, level designer for stope access design and enhancements to facilitate implicit modelling.


The software comes with upgrades to its pit optimiser, borehole geophysics and stratigraphic modelling tools.


An advanced version of the tool is undergoing the final stages of beta testing, after which it will be released to customers around mid-November.


"The modified software can quicken pit optimisations for both single and multi-pit designs by up to 95%." 

Vulcan product manager Eric Gonzalez said: "We want to ensure customers spend less time processing data, leaving more time to apply their expertise to critical analysis and decision-making."


According to Gonzalez, the modified software can quicken pit optimisations for both single and multi-pit designs by up to 95%, thereby reducing a four hour calculation time to seconds.


"Gantt Scheduler sets a new standard for integrated design and scheduling," Gonzalez added.


"Underground mine engineers will benefit from a faster, streamlined approach to long-term strategic planning and detailed design tasks.


"Stope Optimiser generates stope shapes, which Level Designer leverages for designing access points, and the information is then scheduled in Gantt Scheduler. Vulcan Ring Design tools are then used to drill out the stope for handover to production.


"Both Pit Optimiser and Level Designer provide quick previews before running calculations in detail, so users can decide which designs are worth developing. A combination of scenarios can be chosen for the final design."


The functionalities of the new Vulcan 9.1 use drillhole manipulation through implicit geological modelling, resource estimation, stope optimisation and strategic mine design, to detailed resource-based scheduling.



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