ABB introduces new tool to enhance underground mine efficiency

Published: Jun 12,2014 08:51:39


Swiss power and automation technology group ABB has launched a new tool, ABB Mine Location Intelligence (MLI), which will provide location-based decision support for mining companies operating underground mines.


Powered by a software solution provided by Sweden-based Mobilaris, the web-based user interface and 3D view of the ABB MLI shows real-time positioning and location of vehicles, equipment and personnel working in underground mines.


Additionally, the tool can perform tasks such as spatial search, navigation support, advanced data mining and analysis, and creation and management of geofences. These services allow mining firms to maximise safety and enhance productivity.


"This will change how mines are operated and will be an important tool for increased safety and production efficiency."

In case of an accident or disaster, the ABB MLI automatically surveys the site and prevents workers from moving to dangerous areas. It also shows trapped workers the closest mining rescue chamber and the quick emergency escape routes.


The real-time location information provided by ABB MLI can be used to control production and automate mining operations.


The product also uses integrated voice, message and CCTV services to allow increased communication between personnel working in the underground mines.


ABB integrated mine automation global product manager Patrik Westerlund said ABB Mine Location Intelligence will help customers to visualise their mining operations and reach a new level of situation awareness.


"This will change how mines are operated and will be an important tool for increased safety and production efficiency," Westerlund said.


ABB Group has 150,000 employees and operates in about 100 countries around the world.



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