ABB Introduces the New MB3600-CH70 Turnkey Analyzer for Polyols and Derivatives

Published: Mar 06,2014 08:34:03


This FT-NIR spectrometer has pre-loaded calibrations for fast OH value determination in different groups of polyols and derivatives.


ABB, the leading power and automation technology group, announces the introduction of the new MB3600-CH70 Polyol Analyzer, a rugged and high-performance industrial FT-NIR spectrometer for R&D and QA/QC applications on polyols and derivatives. This spectrometer is intended for chemical industry laboratories that perform a large number of daily measurements for QA/QC analysis or at-line process support. It is particularly adapted for applications in the fields of polyols and polyurethanes.


The MB3600-CH70 is a maintenance-free bench analyzer enabling fast determination of several quality properties in liquid chemicals. It captures over 20 years of expertise in polyol analysis, in particular for the determination of hydroxyl value (OH) an important quality estimator for organic compounds. The OH value measures the amount of reactive hydroxyl groups available for reaction and provides critical information on distribution and range of chain lengths.


The MB3600-CH70 features a set of pre-loaded calibration models with operator interface for immediate OH value determination in polyols and derivatives. This approach is easier, cleaner and significantly faster than the primary titration methods that require toxic solvents; it makes the MB3600-CH70 a true turnkey solution operational from the day of installation. Users can access an extensive library of FT-NIR spectra and additional custom calibrations can be developed on the MB3600-CH70 for rapid measurement of more quality parameters such as iodine value, acid value, saponification number, amine content, isocyanate content and TDI isomer ratio.


The ABB Analytical Product Measurement Unit facility designs, manufactures and markets high-performance FT-IR/FT-NIR spectrometers as well as turnkey analytical solutions for the petroleum, chemical, life sciences, semiconductor, academic, metallurgy and OEM industries, along with spectroradiometers for the Remote Sensing/Aerospace market. ABB capabilities encompass one of the largest portfolios in the world in terms of laboratory, at-line and process analyzers.


ABB‘s Measurement Products business unit is among the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of instrumentation and analyzers. With thousands of experts around the world and high-performance technology, ABB‘s team is dedicated to making measurement easy for its customers.




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