Iron-ore railway automation project, Western Australia

Published: Jul 11,2008 10:07:01


Name and location
Iron-ore railway automation project, Pilbara region, Western Australia.

Project description
The project will entail the automation of Rio Tinto's iron-ore railway. The plan is to have driverless trains within five years, operating on most of the 1 300-km track that serves the Pilbara operations, to help the company meet its goal of expanding annual iron-ore production to 320-million tons in 2012.

The roll-out of automation is part of a broader project to upgrade the rail network, which includes the introduction of 40 new-generation locomotives, extensive rerailing and a significant reinvestment in rolling stock, including the purchase of 2 400 new ore cars over 18 months. Automated operations will integrate with the existing train management system and will bring efficiency gains through greater scheduling flexibility and the removal of delays.


Five years.

Breakdown of main contracts
Not stated.

Rio Tinto.

Latest developments
None stated.

None stated.

Construction materials
Not stated.

On budget and on time?
Not stated.

Contact details for project information
Rio Tinto investor relations Australia, Dave Skinner, tel +61 3 9283 3628.

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