• Area:1,684 million km2
    Population:65,397,521(July 2007 est)
    Mineral Resource:
    Chromium,coal,copper,iron ore,lead,manganese,

    Mining Factoids:
    *Iron is ranked among the world's 15 major mineral-rich

    countries with 60

    kinds of mineral production.Total messured and indicated

    resources are estimated at about 52,000 Mt(Ministry

    of Mines and Industry records,2004)
    *In 2002,almost 130 Mt of raw commodities of over 50

    different types of mineral were mined from 2,100 operations,

    mostly small-scale quarries.
    *Iron has several lead-zinc,copper,iron ore,and coal mines.

    The mines at Sar Cheshmeh contain the world's second

    largest lode of copper ore.Large iron ore deposits lie

    in central Iron.

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